Preparing Men for Life by: by coming together as scholars, living as brothers, becoming leaders of tomorrow.
    -Professional Fraternity Since 1923
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    There are many places to live, make AGS your home.
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Alpha Gamma Sigma was founded here at the University of Missouri in 1923 and has a long history of building young men into leaders. That mission continues today and tomorrow. The students and alumni of Alpha Gamma Sigma take pride in high standards and developing meaningful brotherhood, that last a lifetime. Take time to explore our website and learn a little more about AGS.

Opportunities to...

Come Together as Scholars, Live as Brothers, Become Leaders of Tomorrow.


with active members (Freshmen through Seniors) and Alumni. Joining Alpha Gamma Sigma will help you make connections during your years at Mizzou.


in academics. Our grade standard holds members accountable with your academics, along with the help of fellow brothers.


from the success of others, create your own success, and then share your success with others.


in the fraternity as an officer and in the Greek community. Greek life offers unique chance to be involved in Student Government, Greek Week, Homecoming, and more...


in college, we have a four year plan to help you make the most of the opportunities that AGS and MU have to offer you.


Originally founded in 1923 as a professional fraternity, today Alpha Gamma Sigma at the University of Missouri has grown to a national organization. AGS is still a strong professional fraternity on the MU campus with many of our members looking at futures in Agriculture, Business, Engineering, and Health Sciences.
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When joining Alpha Gamma Sigma you're not just finding a place to live, you're joining a brotherhood. The friendships you make in AGS go beyond your college years. Brotherhood is the foundation of AGS, built on the bonds of principles, ideals and experiences.

Leadership & Scholarship

Our member programming is focused on leadership and scholarship. In addition to leadership opportunities in the fraternity, many of our members join and hold leadership positions in two or more campus organizations. Scholarship support is provided through organized study halls and group study sessions, resulting in 30% of our members making the dean's list. Professional development includes resume reviews, mock interviews with alumni, and building professional life skills.


We excel on the field, participating in intramural basketball, soccer, volleyball, and football. In fact, we were Greek league champions the last 3 out of 4 years.


Philanthropy is one of the founding principles of AGS. Each year we participate in multiple campus philanthropies hosted by the University and Sororities.

Living as brothers

Living together offers a unique, home away from home experience and an opportunity to interact with members from all class levels which you do not get when living off-campus or in the dorms. This is the reason our alumni recently invested in building new facilities completed in Fall 2016. In addition to the main house, our AGS campus features a parking garage and apartments for seniors. Along with all the other benefits, there is a chef to prepare meals and a house mom to provide a lending hand and support when needed. Living in-house is a great value when compared to the cost of dorms and other options.

Social & Brotherhood

We enjoy various social activities through the year, including tailgates in the fall, winter formal, spring semi-formal, events with other sororities and fraternities, and parents' weekends.

Brotherhood that last a lifetime is the backbone of the AGS experience. Whether it is playing cards on a Saturday night, going out to eat as a group, dinner together at the house, or watching a football game our brothers value this time, and we are there to support each other in and out of the classroom.

Member Program

Our mission is to guide young men on their journey to develop leadership. SANSKRIT, our fraternity education program, provides the framework for all activities. It provides opportunities to grow personally and academically. Each brother is challenged to achieve his potential while working with others to benefit the fraternity and college community.

Rush Information

Interested in more information or have a recommendation for Alpha Gamma Sigma, use link to provide contact information: CLICK HERE

We seek men for membership, who stand out above the others in character, scholarship, and activities. We have various recruitment events planned throughout the year for you to get to know the brothers of AGS and for us to get to know you. Contact us for more information and discover the opportunities Alpha Gamma Sigma has to offer.

For information on joining AGS use the contact form below, email us at muagsig@gmail.com, or contact our recruitment chairs listed below.

Active Chapter Officer Team

Home Town: Republic, MO
Major: Mechanical Engineering
Phone: 417-366-0941

Stephen Hubbert

Hometown: Saint Joseph, MO
Major: Political Science
Phone: 816-273-2449

Riley Heitman
VP - External

Home Town: Kennett, MO
Major: Journalism

Jonathan Jain

Hometown: Republic, MO
Major: Agribusiness management

Trevor West
(Member Development)

Home Town: Adrian, MO
Major: Agribusiness Mangement

Kyler Six
(Member Development)

Hometown: Springfield, MO
Major: Biological Sciences

Zach Shelangoski

Hometown: Edgerton, Missouri
Major: Economics
Phone: 816-809-0345

Joe Graves

Home Town: Tarkio, MO
Major: Ag Systems Management
Phone: 816-689-7351

Gus Hurst

Hometown: Kansas City, MO
Major: Business

Jake Wilson

Current Members

Alpha Gamma Sigma is built on 13 principles and that is what we use to measure ourselves and potential members. We pride ourselves on a strong brotherhood through our diversity of members from all different degree programs and backgrounds. Members of Alpha Gamma Sigma come from small towns and cities of all sizes, pursuing degrees in a wide spectrum of interests including agriculture, business, engineering, health sciences, and many others.

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Agriculture Majors
(Ag Business, Plant Science, Animal Science) 35%
Business Majors
(Management, Accounting, Finance) 25%
Engineering Majors
(Civil, Electrical, Computer) 15%
Other Majors
(Journalism, Sports Management, Psycology, Ect.) 15%
Health Science Majors10%


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